Shakespeare in the Park STL

This summer was my second time going to Shakespeare in the Park in Forest Park.  We went on a Monday night that was a little humid, but not too hot and not too crowded.  We brought our own blankets and pistachios (we didn’t think ahead enough to bring wine or other snacks) and spent the hour leading up to show time playing, as my grandpa calls it, the grass game and talking about condos.

This year, Shakespeare in the Park put on The Winter’s Tale, about a king who goes crazy and randomly accuses his pregnant queen and best friend (also a king) of cuckolding him on no grounds whatsoever.  I’m so glad they give you a synopsis of the story in the program even though this time, unlike when I watched Othello, I actually understood the play!  Their costume, dance, and prop choices were interesting — mixing modern day square dancing with guitars and violins with seemingly Victorian dress.  I believe that’s the point of Shakespeare in the Park being free and all.

Overall, it was a great show!  Fireflies were dancing around the edges of Shakespeare glen at the end of the evening and even the Little Dipper appeared in the sky.  Summers are wonderful.



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