My Beijing 2015

After visiting Beijing many times, I’ve now gone to nearly every major tourist attraction. Here’s a list of the ones I visited this year in order of how much I enjoyed them.

1. Summer Palace (颐和园) – Empress Cixi bankrupted the Chinese navy to build this. It’s so big we didn’t even get to go everywhere!
IMG_5609 IMG_5494

2. Forbidden City (故宫): It’s ancient.
IMG_5900 IMG_6084

3. Shi Cha Hai (什刹海)A pretty place for boating.
IMG_7439 IMG_7427

4. Lama Temple (雍和宫): Real monks walking around and incense to burn!
IMG_6163 IMG_6193

5. Wang Fu Jing (王府井): A swanky area.
IMG_7169 IMG_7173

6. Nan Luo Gu Xiang (南锣鼓巷): An old alley lined with cutsey (and not so cutsey) shops
IMG_7468 IMG_7469

7. Tian Yi (天意): A big shopping center with everything from batteries to clothes for cheap.  Sort of like a giant Wal Mart but with individual market stalls and haggling.
IMG_7425 IMG_7426

8. Pan Jia Yuan (潘家园): An antiques market. My uncle said it’s the best place to get ripped off.
IMG_7455 IMG_7453

Notable Mention: Hai Di Lao Restaurant (海底捞火锅). It was a hot pot restaurant with complimentary fruit and where you could make your own sauce! And if you order noodles they come out and make it right in front of you twirling and dancing with music! It had the best service ever. Everywhere else in Beijing the workers were straight up rude but these waitresses and waiters delivered food seconds after you ordered, delivered hot hand towels four or five times, and even gave my grandma gifts upon leaving!IMG_7467

My Beijing 2015

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