Later, Kaihura

Kaihura is a small but growing village in Kyenjojo District. Its residents are friendly and its food delicious. A big part of why I enjoy my visits there is because of the genuine hospitality everyone in BHTF shows us. And every time, I hope that we repay it properly.

I used my last few days in Kaihura to print out pictures to give to the kids at Home Again and a couple others who have helped make my stay so pleasant. I helped Liz and a deaf and/or mute carpenter (Liz called him “dumb”) finally put up the picture frames that Maeve made decades ago and played with all the babies one last time. Then I went around and said good bye to everyone including Debra, Tugume, Manzi, Nora (who I brought back to visit the Duke house), Prossy, and Liz.

I lucked out in traveling to the airport because I got to travel to Entebbe with Faith, who was going to the Congo on the same day for ministry work. We took the Kalita bus and she called Debra and we both talked to Manzi (who makes even less sense on the phone but sounds twice as adorable). Although we experienced a lot of the usual Ugandan waiting game, I arrived at the airport exactly in time for my flight. I hugged Faith good bye and passed security with a breeze. Unfortunately, I also started to feel ill around then. I think I finally caught the fever bug that was going around the Duke house and orphanage. As a result, this round of flights was probably my most uncomfortable personally. I had a fever, threw up, and was sweating uncontrollably. But at least I had no trouble through customs or with any other airport delays!

Now finally being back in the US, I can’t wait for that first home cooked meal (I’m craving my dad’s noodles) and to see dust free paved roads and white, two-story houses again. I feel like now would be the time to write some type of reflection about my last 7 weeks but I honestly can’t think of that much to say. I don’t believe that was my last time in Uganda and I think I’ve mentioned all of my important memories and thoughts in earlier posts. I will say this: every time I go anywhere, I always learn something new. My most enjoyable and surprising lessons have always been abroad though. If you haven’t traveled out of your home country, I believe it’s a sincere must. You won’t regret it.


Later, Kaihura

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