Meet the Kids

I’m working with Adolf who is BHTF’s water expert.  Unfortunately, he is prone to being 1 to 2 hours late to our meetings. So, while the internet’s working so well, I’m just gonna post a few pictures here.


This is Nyangoma Patrice. She has the sweetest smile and loves to be picked up and held.


This is Cato Paul.  He is Patrice’s twin.  His interests include collecting trash, wearing shoes, and repeating words


This is Moses.  He drools and laughs a lot. He also likes to chase chickens.


This is Marc. He likes being swung around and sucking on things.


This is Victor with baby Adolf. Victor’s super smart but short. Adolf is super naughty and fat.


This is Sam.  He is lighter than some of the babies and has the biggest smile for the camera.


One weekend there was a wedding.  Cawa, Juliette, and Mercy were pretending to be flower girls.


This is Vincent.  He is almost always laughing and is super laid back and goofy.

Meet the Kids

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