I’m used to making schedules for myself. Even when I don’t need to, I guess it makes me feel more productive or something to do it.

Normally, Maeve and I wake up at 8am and go down to breakfast at 8:30. Mornings are pretty random. Once we spent it at our friend Jodi’s school (St. Mary’s) teaching her P-5 class PE. Another morning we made posters for Hope Academy. The next, we spent checking/sending emails.

Around 11am we head over to Home Again and that’s normally when the babies will have showered and need dressing. We also do dishes and laundry since the solar power system is broken. We play with the kids until 1pm when we go eat lunch at the office. After, we usually go back to Home Again to hang out with the older students who have half days at school.

Then we come back to Faith’s around 4:30pm and play with Josiah/Manzi or read or whatever. Dinner’s usually around 8pm and is always the best meal of the day. Afterwards, we’ve been watching movies such as The Lord of the Rings. Debra, who’s 18 and will be going to university in the fall, really enjoys it! I’m really happy that a hero’s journey is recognized everywhere. 🙂

This week I finally had my meeting with Adolf. On Monday, we’re going to go visit all the different types of water sources to collect samples. I’m excited to truly start my project even though he says he wants to meet at 8am. Which, you may remember, is when I normally wake up.

On Sunday, the unthinkable happened — I got food poisoning. At least I think it was food poisoning. I threw up twice and am reasonably sure it’s from the vegetables that I greedily asked for on my Rolex Saturday. I’ve never been sick the past two summers and I was sad I couldn’t keep up my streak. After spending the day in bed though, I felt a lot better. I could’ve gotten a lot sicker for a lot longer so I think I should count my blessings.


2 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Lan says:

    So exciting to read your journal. I am so sorry to know you get sick. Wish you getting better
    soon. Missing you a lot. Love! Lan

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