First Week Back

Hooray! First week back in Kaihura has gone smoothly. Well, slowly but smoothly. The guy I’m supposed to work with hasn’t been around so I haven’t really done much with my project except visiting the clinic.

Mostly, I’ve been going to Home Again which has been divided into 3 houses: baby house (0-3 year olds), older girls/younger boys, and older boys/younger girls.

The baby house, aka alpha house, is where the Sassers used to live and can get pretty crazy. There are 10 little two-year olds running around that are all very well trained to pray before they eat, stack chairs, and take baths. It’s so strange seeing the babies from before lose their baby chub and become super happy, excited babies babbling in Rotooro. I almost didn’t recognize Anna and Patience/Motie/Kabahuma but they’re still soooo cute. Cato is still one of my favorites. He and Patrice still suck on their fingers and he’s one of the smartest ones who will repeat what I say and try to put on shoes and start crying when he’s frustrated and can’t velcro it shut. I just love babies.

There’s also a dog named Frodo that follows Maeve (the American volunteer I’m living with) and I around. He used to live with a group of four UK volunteers (Bella, Steph, Lauren, and Jodie) but now he supposedly lives at Home Again and is one of the friendliest but dirtiest dogs. Including them, us, and Kate, we now make up the 7 mzungu girls in the village. Although Ronald told me there’s a Polish guy living on the hill. And there’s and Australian man who was also here last time.

I think the best part so far has been seeing the recognition in people’s faces. I’m so relieved and happy when they see and remember me. So far, Prossy, Patrick, Master Bright, and the house mothers who’ve remembered me. And Faith. Vincent also ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug and smile that melted my heart. Ronald didn’t remember my name but remembered my face.

I also saw Nora!!!!! I was so excited, she recognized me outside the café and we talked about her family. She’s in Senior 1 and lives in Kyongera. I’m kind of sad we didn’t take a picture but that just means we have to meet again.

I’d like to start working on my project but I’m also so happy to see everyone again. I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I got here.

First Week Back

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