Struggle Planes

Since March, I’ve been riding the struggle bus when it comes to airports. Or should that be struggle planes? Struggle pains? Ok, I’ll stop now.

Basically every flight I’ve been on since being delayed 2 entire days from Hawaii had been either cancelled or delayed. It took me an extra day to get home from school and an extra day to get to Doha, Qatar (where I am right now). It’s been really upsetting and demoralizing, especially because I’ve been traveling alone. There’s so much planing and contacting people 1000’s of miles away. But it’s ok because I’m here now and will be in Uganda in a few hours. This summer I’ll be researching clean drinking water issues in Kaihura. I have a plan set up, but let’s see how well that works.

By the way, Doha is very different from Dubai. Dubai is very shiny and tall and tries very hard to impress you (and thoroughly succeeds). Qatar is smaller but still nice. Although I still can’t get over the whole living in a desert thing. I definitely need more green.


Struggle Planes

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