Marie and I took 8 days to drive from Townsville to Uluru/Ayer’s Rock and back. GoogleMaps advised us it would take ~30 hours one way. Overall it was your standard budget camping road trip but there’s some things you should know.

1) It’s HOT out here. Like 41*C every day. They’re not kidding about the whole desert thing so don’t go if you won’t have A/C.

2) Gas stations are scarce — maybe 100 km apart in some sketch looking “town” consisting of one building and 2 old Aussies. We already had to help one lady who ran out of petrol 25 minutes away from the nearest station.

3) Camping is cheap — $15ish per night — but so are the accommodations. Hot shower, toilet, and sinks. They also throw in complimentary flies to swarm your face. Once, we got 2 peacocks!

4) Everything looks the same. Red dirt. Yellow brush. Green trees. The road’s almost completely straight the whole way so you better have a great soundtrack ready as you barrel 130km/hr down the highway.

5) There’s so much roadkill on the road. Mostly kangaroos and wallabies, sometimes cows. You can always tell when it’s coming up because a whole crowd of crows and hawks will suddenly take off of the road as you approach.

BUT it’s definitely worth it. The destination is great and this was my first road trip experience sans parents. More on the attractions next!


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