Surfer’s Paradise

This week I spent time in what I can only describe as the Australian Orlando – the Gold Coast.  We stayed at Surfer’s Paradise and spent the week in vacation mode.  We spent 3 days surfing (probably one of the most fun water sports I’ve ever tried… Although I’m still working on the whole standing up/balance thing) in the morning and exploring the various beaches in the evenings.

We wandered around the night markets at Surfer’s Paradise beach, ate at a Japanese restaurant (you know one of those where they cook the food right in front of you, set it on fire, juggle knives, etc.) at Broadbeach, and hiked around the national park at Burleigh Heads. We also got to watch the sunset from Q1, one of the tallest buildings in the world. It has an absolutely gorgeous view of the coastline along with the rest of the city.

View of Surfer’s Paradise from Burleigh Heads
Sunset from Skypoint (atop Q1)

We also visited Dreamworld amusement park.  Even though the rides were slightly disappointing (they weren’t all too big), it was interesting that they offered laser tag and a tiger show.  There was also plenty of Dreamworks related rides and characters about.

Buzzsaw – Best ride at Dreamworld
Tiger show! This tiger was a mix between a white and orange tiger, which is why her coat is so light.

Something else I learned this week – Thea showed me this really cool trick for eating mangoes.  She has an uncanny skill for picking the best, ripest fruit at any time.  It’s very impressive.  If you ask nicely, I can try to show you how she does it sometime.  Now it’s time to buckle down (ha) for finals.

R.I.P. Margaret Sanden

Surfer’s Paradise

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