I miss fall

In my mind, a vacation is always a vacation and home is always home.  So the food I eat, the things I do, the transportation I take — they’re different depending on where I am.

That also goes for climate.  I guess some people would love to live in a “tropical paradise” and I sort of get that.  I’ve stopped checking my phone for the weather because it always looks like this:


At the same time, I don’t think I could live here forever.  I love having seasonal changes and I really, truly miss fall.  I miss feeling a crisp autumn breeze as I walk to class and listening to the leaves crunch under my feet.  I miss pulling out my phone and snapping a picture of the towering red and gold trees.  I miss wearing jeans and scarves.  Last year around this time, I was here:


Now I have this:


Which, you know, isn’t a bad trade. I’m enjoying my break from school traveling around and seeing new things. Don’t get me wrong, Townsville IS beautiful and definitely perfect for a vacation.  But sometimes need to end.  I’d like to return to the real world, back home where it’s cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and a nice chilly medium in between.  Unfortunately, I recently found out that the weather at home is no better than the weather here… It was 90°F in October. NINETY DEGREES in the Midwest. I couldn’t believe my ears. I think I flinched when I heard the news because it felt like my home was being violated. I can expect them to take down a landmark or a familiar store from my childhood, but the weather?! I always thought that’d be safe.

And then today I read CNN’s article on how within 7 years, annual high temperatures will be a norm. That global warming thing we always make jokes about will actually happen. People who say I’m lucky to see the Great Barrier Reef now “before it’s all bleached” may actually be right. So please, please, please consider doing one of these things? I promise I’ll space out my complaint posts more after this.

I miss fall

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