Fin (entre-temps)

After two relaxing days in Lomé, we’ve made it home!  As usual, it was weird getting off the plane in DC and just taking in my surroundings.  Nobody was speaking French anymore, there were a million cheap and easy food places, and everyone ignored their companions as they keenly checked their smart phones.  Most importantly, there were no individuals that stood out; with a heterogeneous crowd, everyone blended in.

By the way, here’s the YouTube video of the original system that was set up by Dr. Fox thirty years ago.  We guess that after he left, the system fell into disuse so we were there to help restore (with our own modifications) the structures that were there.

Here’s a picture of what our project site looked like more or less after we left. You can see our waste water tank in front of our biogas digester and the algae ponds  furthest back:

Work site from the latrines
Work site from the latrines

I guess I’m a little sad about how the surprise ending to this project.  Mostly, I wish I’d been able to say a proper good-bye and taken more pictures.  But at least I’m comforted that I’ll be back in a few months.  For now I get to focus on my upcoming Aussie adventure!

Fin (entre-temps)

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