Laser Tattoo Removal: The Equalizer, The Innovator

Of all cosmetic procedures, laser tattoo removal will best help bridge the gap between economic classes and stimulate positive innovation in society.

I went to a mediocre public high school in suburban Missouri. I now attend an elite private university in North Carolina. As such, I have met and made friends with students from a variety of backgrounds, from those with single parents bused in from the city to others vacationing with their extended family on semi-private islands. One topic I’ve noticed that everyone loves to debate no matter who I’m around is tattoos. What would you get? Where would you get it? People love asking this and hearing the unique responses.

For my friends and I, a tattoo usually stood for a declaration of rebellion or a decoration of beauty. We’d only follow through with our plans after many hours of careful consideration. My friends who backed out of the idea usually did so for personal or professional reasons. That was before, when tattoos were always thought of with a sense of permanence. Since laser tattoo removal is now becoming more common however, it will encourage more people (especially young people) to tattoo themselves. With transparent and easy guidelines such as the ones from New Look Laser Tattoo Removal, having a tattoo will no longer be considered risky and may become a standard, like girls piercing their ears. The subject will commonly crop up in normal conversation. Those adorned will share stories at work out sessions after shedding their suits or uniforms. Seeing others inked will provide a sense of community.

Furthermore, the opportunity for more tattoos stimulates more unique creations and creativity. This artistic genius is closely linked with innovation and design, immeasurable qualities that are all the same important for growing a nation and propelling it forward in the technology age. If an individual comes up with a particular design that involves her tattoo glowing or moving on a body, it may be that tattoo artists will soon invent a device to make this idea into a reality. Accordingly, tattoo removal will parallel this movement and a procedure will develop that may also be adaptable for more serious medical surgeries such as removing cancerous tumors. Such a concept may not be as farfetched as it seems. Some of the most advanced military equipment evolved out of ideas from video games. Why can’t laser tattoo removal do the same?

Laser Tattoo Removal: The Equalizer, The Innovator

2 thoughts on “Laser Tattoo Removal: The Equalizer, The Innovator

  1. Interesting way to think about it. I would never have thought about the potential connection to tumour removal. Getting a piercing or dying your hair is pretty weird if you think about it anyways, so maybe it’s not so different. What would YOU get a tattoo of? 😀

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