Fall is Beautiful

Outing Club drove out to Ray’s Campground (near Fayetteville?) in West Virginia for a 3-day camping trip! The leaders were really happy with the site since we were very secluded, had plenty of space, and even outlets, bathrooms, and showers! :O

We had the opportunity to go rafting and caving but cheap me decided to mountain bike the first day and rock climb the last 2 day.

I always forget how scary mountain biking is. I literally go down the hills half squeezing the brakes even though I know you’re not supposed to do that so you don’t skid or whatever. I also ended up walking my bike a lot… But the view at the end was fantastic! It was this really tall overhang where you could see train tracks and this really pretty arch bridge. West Virginia has the best autumn forests with red, yellow, orange (and more colored) leaves that are drastically missing from Duke’s campus. We ate lunch at the cliff and took pictures.

The second day we hiked the same trail we biked the day before and then rock climbed in the afternoon. Getting to the rock cliff was interesting because the hills were super steep and dipped a couple times but the day was SO nice and this was basically the first time I had ever rock climbed outside and I made it all the way to the top which was exciting!

The third day was also rock climbing but we were at a different location on a GORGEOUS lake. Chris brought a raft out and a couple people hung out on the water while we scaled the rocks. These were a little rougher on the skin but I made it all the way up a 5.8! Again there were the beautiful sunset colored trees surrounding us and it was a little chilly and just so perfectly fall that I couldn’t want to spend my break any other way.

Other Notable Happenings
– Someone’s dog, dubbed Booboo by OC, kept showing up and wanting to play. We tried tiring it out, playing fetch, running around… Nothing could tire out that pup.
– So much shot gunning
– Someone brough a ukelele so we had an impromptu jam session the second night right before it started raining.
– Thankfully our tent stayed dry but apparently this wasn’t true for everyone… Especially one unlucky freshman who slept outside under a fallen rain tarp… I’m so sorry that happened. 😦
– Delicois camp food
– Did I mention the pretty trees?

In conclusion, don’t under appreciate autumn and spend time outdoors. It’s too gorgeous for you to ignore.

Fall is Beautiful

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