Welcome Maura Harty!

Friday night we went to Wilson, NC for our APO pledge retreat. We stayed in a YMCA gym that looked like it was pretty much from the 80’s. It was great because it was the 30 pledges + 10-ish brothers. We played Trainwreck (All My Friends and Neighbors) in which I literally trainwrecked right into my big so the two of us were sprawled on the ground. This is when i sustained bruise #1 on my right thigh and mat burn #2 in my left knee when i was crawling around. We built a pyramid in which I was on top, posed for 3 pics, slid down and stubbed my big toe and am now limping around (injury #3). We played Lap Tag (LAP TAG!) which simply involves a lot of wrestling and injuries but caused me to pull my left calf in the second to last round, injury #4.

The next morning we went to a Habitat for Humanity store and helped them reorganize their storage, carrying around cabinets, toilets, sinks, etc. it was sortof labor intensive but fun! I really enjoyed meeting the new pledges and hanging out with the brothers. Thanks Joseph for driving and I really enjoyed our car ride!

Next up: Fall Break in West Verginia!

Welcome Maura Harty!

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