Week 8 – Leaving Behind Pearls

Ah our last days in Uganda passed too quickly. Kampala is such a city, and like most cities, it has a huge disparity between rich and poor.

Friday morning we went to one of Kamapala’s craft markets and there was an amazing selection of souvenirs. Everything you could want from jewelry to baskets to figurines to back scratchers. It was all very cheap and tailored to tourists, which you could tell just by looking around at the other customers. The space wasn’t very big but there were a lot of vendors so it wasn’t nearly as crowded as I’d originally imagined it would be. It was very hot though. While shopping, we ran into Paige and her mother! Unfortunately their visa process isn’t going so well but Paige broke out into a huge grin when she saw me and even did the whole wiping her eyebrow thing that the girls at the orphanage taught us. We were so happy to see her again!

After burning through most of our shillings, we stopped by Le Petite Village for lunch. It’s just a 10 minute walk from the guest house we were staying at but to get there, we had to cut through an alley. The second time, we accidentally went down the wrong one and ended up passing all of these tiny, one room homes with tin roofs and sheet covered doorways. And this was right behind a place that had a French bakery and butcher shop with an expensive shopping plaza right across the street! Strange.

That night we went to a cultural dance named Nderri with Amos and Stephen. We paid for dinner and a show which was completely worth the money! They had all of these strange looking instruments and performed dances from each region of Uganda. Although most of the dances involved watching the men and women shake their butts (usually covered with straw or beads), some dances had stories. The host was hillarious and made a ton of jokes and really encouraged audience participation. So a couple of us went up for one of the courting dances (basically, you dance back and forth with your partner until the girl runs away and the boy has to try and catch her) and Hong went up for the guy’s joke about God running out of black paint as he was creating man. At the end of the night, everybody in the audience danced on stage in a large circle and it was an incredibly fun way to spend our last night!

Week 8 – Leaving Behind Pearls

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