Smiley Face

True stories make me happy:

– The little boy who repeats “BYE!” in his cute, high-pitched squeal again and again as we approach and pass him 100 times or more

– Coughing and having a random woman passing by ask if I was okay

– Having 8 or 10 kindergarteners run up to me and hold my hands as I walk home

– Smiling at a frowning old woman with a face lined with wrinkles and seeing her mouth break into a huge grin when I wave

– Greeting a teenager with “olliota” (“how are you?”) when she clearly expected English, receiving her surprised “karoongi!” (“good!”), and listening to her excitedly explain what just happened to her brother

– Being the only ones to show up on the volleyball court and having neighborhood kids offer their own tennis ball for us to play with

~ Thank you Uganda 🙂

Smiley Face

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