Out the Window

What do you see when we drive down the (only highway and paved) road in Uganda?

– Grazing cows with giant horns
– Grazing goats that are about 3x wide as they are tall
– Chickens, roosters (who crow all the time, not just at dawn!) and the occasional fat hog
– Boda boda drivers lounging on their motorcycles with puffy coats waiting for work
– Ridiculously overloaded trucks with drums hanging off the back
– Mutatu taxis with sayings like “God is my Shepard” and “Praise Allah” on the windshield
– Men pushing bicycles up hills (all drivers are male by the way)
– Women walking on the shoulders with impressively large loads (giant sticks, bags, etc.) stacked on their heads
– Assorted men and women sitting in the shade, staring at our van like its full of alien creatures. We’ve most often seen them
– cutting hair
– sweeping
– selling goods
– washing children
– cooking over open junk pile fires
– butchering meat
– collecting water
– just sitting doing nothing
– Banana and tea plantations with workers harvesting leaves bent over and a single basket on their backs
– Beautiful rolling hills of varying heights
– Tiny children waving excitedly at us
– Speed humps: giant and smooth or small and bumpy
– Chinese trucks casually rolling by loaded with produce
– Houses
– single gray rectangular building with 4 doorways housing 4 separate families
– mud and straw hut with corrugated tin roof and a thin curtain door
– pretty orange/pink homes with barbed wire fences
– Uneven dirt roads branching off the freeway
– White UNRA markers
– Furniture from couches to bed franes laying in the open
– Schools overflowing with school children in bright colored uniforms
– Soccer fields with temporary goals made of 3 long, wooden posts
– Gas stations that are hand pumped with rolling numbers
– Red Airtel and yellow MTN buildings (cell phone companies)
– On our way to Fort Portal, we’ve seen baboons and lemurs almost every time near a bridge construction site


Out the Window

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