Week 7 – Gift Wrap

Disclaimer: The next 3 posts were posted at the same time but written beforehand. Sorry for any confusion.

We’ve come to our last full week in Kaihura. 😦 Next Wednesday we’ll be heading to Kampala, the country’s capital and most developed city. We may or may not have plans to stop by some American chains to get a premature taste of home.

This week was all about wrapping up projects. We painted the rest of the rooms in the orphanage on Monday. In one room, Kenneth and Natalie painted a huge rose to cover up a mistake we’d made on the wall. It looks gorgeous! They’re both hidden artist pre-meds. Natalie even drew a portrait of a girl named Susan and gave it to her as a present.


On Wednesday we went up to Dorcas to put in glass since most of the building’s windows are broken. After waiting more than an hour for the maintenance guy to bring up the tools however, we decided to climb to the top of the impressively large hill the vocational school sits on. After around 20 minutes of hiking through tall grass with scarily deep holes dotted here and there, we ended up at a very classic Lion King-esque tree with a fantastic view of Kaihura and the next town over. I was so excited that I wore pants since I ended up being the only girl who could climb up the tree branches.

That afternoon we went on a final trip to Fort Portal to pick up presents to give to our respective co-workers. While waiting for a Mutatu taxi however, we encountered our first hostile Ugandan. As we walked down the road, she started speaking very quickly and irritatedly at our group. She used the word “mzungu” and even lightly shoved someone as we passed. This whole time, she’s been the only one who’s acted poorly towards us. I guess statistically it was bound to happen but everyone else here has been so nice!

Friday was the teachers’ last day at school. Each class received a special treat ranging from Oreos to sodas. The teachers performed a special good-bye song since the students always sing and dance for them. Although we still have a few days left at the orphanage, the older kids are now painfully aware of how soon we’ll be leaving. I’ve actually gotten to talk to a couple of them and I love having real conversations about their lives and interests. After P3 (or 3rd grade), the kids are more or less fluent in English, a very impressive feat. I really wish we had more time to hang out with them. Guess I gotta make the best with the rest of our time.

Now we’ve desperately tried and failed to find the Olympics on TV. Somehow we could only watch a bunch of Chinese CCTV channels before the solar panel shut off. So I hope everybody enjoyed the ceremony and can give me a detailed description of what happened as soon we get back. Tomorrow is Saturday and the day of our big party. We’ve invited all our friends from BHTF to our house. I really hope we’ve bought enough food for everyone to eat.

Week 7 – Gift Wrap

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