Week 6 – Coming and Going

This week passed by quickly and painlessly. We were all mostly looking forward to the weekend so I’ll just jot down a few of the things that really stood out during the week.

A 12-year old named Edson decided it was time for me to learn some [more] Rutooro. He taught me tons of words but the only ones that were really drilled into my head were esaha (watch), esati (shirt), empali (pants), and omuveeli (arm). Too bad these aren’t actually too useful in everyday conversation.

On Monday we made the invitations for the Farewell party we’ll be having next weekend. We also finalized the menu. It’s fairly long. Good thing there’ll be 15 cooks. I’ve realized that not all resources (like food and water) are scarce at Home Again. Forget your pictures of starving orphans begging on the street. Thanks to BHTF, the children have 3 meals a day with huge portions. In addition, they always seem to be chowing down on corn or avocados from their garden… Although idk if I consider plots with banana trees to be gardens. They don’t eat food off the floor and if the babies’ bottles or plates aren’t spotless, the food is discarded to the dogs. The same is true with water. The kids dig wells and create mud with water. The faucet’s right on the property and free so nothing to worry about. Since the clinic people have been surveying other families in the surrounding area, I’ve heard how other not-so-fortunate children eat. Home Again is lucky.

Robald also came back Friday! He’s been in the capital Kampala for a couple weeks in the hospital. He looked so happy to return home. To trade with him, the last of the Schaads have left Uganda. Unfortunately, Moses isn’t with them because of visa problems, but he should be getting it soon. A group from Europe who’ve been here for a year also left. Madame Rohna, a teacher at Hope Academy, had a big send-off with all of the children signing good-bye songs to her. Everybody got soda, chipati, and crackers. I think with that, many people in our group realized we’ll be following them soon. So everybody has been taking more photographs and videos than usual. The kids love singing and dancing for the camera and then watching themselves on the tiny screens.

Now it’s my first of two nights sleeping at the orphanage Home Again in a borrowed bed from one of the older girls. We decided to stay one weekend in Kaihura to experience “the life”. They’re using an oil lamp in the kitchen and there are no private bathrooms although there are 3 flushable toilets. I’m missing a pillow and there’re holes in the mosquito nets that don’t fully cover the rickety bunk beds. I haven’t put on bug spray. All the same, this seems more like what we should’ve prepared for and everyone is so excited that we’re sleeping over the weekend. I can tell this’ll be fantastic.

Week 6 – Coming and Going

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