The Other Side

We decided we wanted to learn more about what it’s really like to live as a Ugandan in Kaihura. So we stayed in town this weekend far from our house, across the main road. We split up to sleep at Faith’s house, the orphanage (Home Again), and the vocational school (Dorcas).

Six of us stayed at Home Again and Friday night was crazy! All of the children were SO SO SO excited that we were sleeping under the same roof as them! They were screaming and dancing in the hallways, jumping up and down and into our arms, running around with our headlamps showing us their beds… It was ridiculous! We spent an hour playing various hand games in our room. I also finally got the chance to talk with the older children. After about 12 years old (or around P4), the kids are pretty fluent in English. So we talked about what they liked to do and their lives in general. We slept in one of the older girls room which had 3 rickety double bunk beds and a shelf bolted to the wall. The younger boys room had about 4 triple bunk beds and a couple empty matresses. Apparently we had misplaced the girls who really slept in our room so only two kids, Rose and Susan, slept with us.

Saturday morning, we woke up at 6:30AM to singing in the hallways. We went out and sat with the children listening to worship songs, bible verses in English and Rutooro, and prayers. It was such a unique experience.

After breakfast at Faith’s, we returned to the orphanage to paint the walls. We switched off entertaining the kids outside and painting the front two rooms lavender. Since we had so many people, we finished with time to spare in the morning. In the afternoon, half of us stayed to paint the hallway lime green and the other half went to the farm in Kyongera (sidenote: “ky-” sounds like “ch-” here) to visit the boys living there. They rarely get visitors and we played volleyball, ate maize and sweet potato, and answered the questions they posed. Most were marriage/dating related and it’s interesting that they themselves were pretty open about their personal wants and beliefs. It was a very relaxing, fun time and I was so glad that we took the time to go out there. They were very welcoming and grateful to see us.

When we came back for dinner, we played Ships and Sailors with the girls living at Faith’s (there’s around 8 of them, all in primary school) and sang after dinner with Chris Sasser, the father of thd missionary family living here, playing guitar. The girls even painted their nails after we left.

Sunday was, of course, church day! The service lasted 3 hours and started with Faith preaching, then singing by children, various choirs, and two young men who, no joke, thought they were Usher and got a bunch of screams from the girls and even a couple tips. Lastly, another preacher gave a sermon full of various bible stories.



In the afternoon, the girls came over to our house and drew and colored for a while. They weren’t very confident in their drawing abilities but it was still super cute.

This weekend was fantastic. Everybody was so excited and happy to see us at church and at their homes… It was genuine happiness. Can’t wait for our party next weekend. 🙂

The Other Side

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