Week 5 – Beginnings

Evidently we’re moving from the dry to the rainy season now, so we’ll get to experience all both of Uganda’s seasons. Of course, rainy season only means that it gets really dark and lightning flashes for half an hour, then it pours and thunders for 5 minutes, and suddenly everything is bright and sunny again. Ugandans are very proud of their typically gorgeous weather. Nobody goes out when it rains.

The most exciting thing that’s happened this week was our visit to the king! But that deserves its own post.

The new clinic that BHTF has been building is finished and officially opened Monday and Tuesday. To increase public awareness, there was free testing and hundreds of people showed up. It was easily the busiest days for the clinic people so far, with patients crowded everywhere. They don’t turn away children either so their days were even longer than usual.

Stephen also showed me a just completed latrine for my project. It’s DEEP! Like 50 feet. People climb in and out and dig with a pulley system and picks and shovels. FIFTY FEET. I couldn’t even see the bottom since the walls were so narrow. That’s so much manual labor. And we always see harvesters gathering tea leaves and things as we drive along the road… Wow.

The orphanage’s stayed about the same, although an American doctor stopped by to check out all of the children. They didn’t find anything serious. On the other hand, Tuesday Baby Cato vomited on me because he eats EVERYTHING, Wednesday Baby Macqueline pooped on me because she’s tiny and her diaper’s huge, and Thursday Gorrett got sick. Thankfully Friday, everyone was happy.

It is cute that the kids have a considerable stash of toys. Many are from McDonald’s but they do have a working Bop-It, a light saber, stuffed animals, small cars, balls, and children’s books, but their favorites are ordinary objects like shoe polish cans, springs, and bottle caps. Allan rolls them around and then chases them. One of their favorite games involves marbles made out of melted plastic. It has a complicated scoring pattern counting to 100. It’s cute.

We also met Paige’s adoptive parents! You know, Paige, the four year old who walks with a limp and can’t move her right hand, possibly deaf and can’t speak, only screams or cries, pees and poops all over the place, hates sharing, and loves laughing at me? She’s being adopted by an American couple stationed in Germany! It was a little strange seeing her so clean, with a pretty purple dress and matching new shoes. But of course, she was the same Paige and recognized us immediately. It was just disconcerting because you want to know everything about the parents and tell them everything you know about their child as well but we’re really just strangers who’ve only known their daughter for a month. And now we’ll probably never see her again. She’ll have a great life.

Week 5 – Beginnings

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