Week 4 – Ninkungonza

Ninkungonza means “I love you!”. When I say it to the kids they respond “yesh” sorta sheepishly. I hope they actually understand my horrible accent. They’ll pretty much say yes to anything. But it’s okay cuz they’re cute. Like Paige here:


Last Sunday we spent an afternoon at engineer Joseph’s house. He invited us over to chat and meet his family. It was a very different experience to see how an average family lives. Everyone was very kind and genuinely excited to meet us. His grandmother knew no English and was 102 years old. I’m not kidding. 102 years old. In Uganda. She was amazing. :-O

Tuesday we found out that Gertrude, the woman who’s in charge of laundry, burned herself on hot water. She has a boil that basically covers her entire hand. 😦 Thankfully she’ll be okay, but in the meantime, we’ve been struggling to forge on with laundry by ourselves. Our system is 2 buckets to wash, 2 buckets to rinse, and 1 bucket to collect and hang on the clothesline in front of the orphanage. All by hand, with soap and a little detergent. Not a washboard in sight. Even though we’ll sometimes have up to 8 people washing, the process takes forever! Gertrude certainly has the system down, but our hands are soon raw from scrubbing and our wrists tired from wringing. I’ll never under appreciate washing machines again. Laundry people (launderers?) here may be some of the strongest people I’ve met.

Faith also had a big 4th of July party for all of BHTF. There, we met the EmbraceUganda team who just arrived from North Carolina. There was volleyball, food, and music ranging from African flavored songs to Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”. Which Amos even stood up to sing karaoke for with Natalie. 😀 And there was so much dancing. Everybody not only loves to move their feet and make up their own moves, but they’re also incredibly good at it! I was watching a group of 6 year olds and they really could’ve been on So You Think You Can Dance or something. Everyone just knows how to chill out and have fun.

Later on, a man representing the King of the Tooro kingdom came to speak to us. He told us that His Majesty thanked us for our work and had even visited Home Again four years ago. Apparently he was really excited to hold his first baby. Kinda like me on my first day. He’s also 19 and studies in Great Britain. Unfortunately, that means we’ll probably never meet him.

Overall, it was a great night that ended with another exciting trip in our 14-passenger van jammed with 22 people tipping down the uneven dirt roads back home. So thank you Uganda for an awesome 4th of July outta the country! I hope everyone at home enjoyed their BBQ and fireworks! Happy Birthday America! And Happy Birthday Mom! Ninkungonza!!!!

Week 4 – Ninkungonza

One thought on “Week 4 – Ninkungonza

  1. Lan says:

    Washing Machine is an great invention by the engineer! We all appreciated their work. Do you think you will be appreciated if you can invented something like it?


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