The. Food. Is. SO. Good. Here. So don’t mind this post if you don’t want, I just thought it was a topic worth talking about.

When we eat out on weekends, the food takes more than an hour to prepare but is worth every shilling. Especially when you calculate it, each meal is actually less than $5. They make surprisingly good sandwiches and often offer you a large avocado slice on the side. Apparently it’s the fruit that’s a Ugandan man’s secret to success.

The best are chipati and chipati omelettes. Delicious!!! We learned how to make it this week and I helped prepare rolls to be fried one day. Even though I don’t know the proportions, I wanna try the recipe at home (Katie?). It’s basically flour, hot water, oil, onions, and salt.


Our chefs (Grace, Prossy, and Stephen) definitely deserve the dozens of thank you’s they receive for every meal. They cook for more than 24 people and we always have enough for seconds. We’ve also been visited by other volunteers who say that our food is the best and we’ve gotten the most variety. We’ve had fried eggplants and onions, peas hand tossed by an impressively strong 70 yr old woman, matooke (a type of banana), sweet potatoes (not the kind you’re thinking of), pineapple, pork, chicken, French toast, spaghetti, rice, biscuits/cookies… Except everything is like 10x more delicious than I’ve ever tasted before. Not PWILD delicious but real delicious because of the seasoning.

However the same volunteer, Laine (a Duke graduate) also said that a lot of what we eat is usually only served on special occasions like Christmas. Mostly people just have porridge and a tasteless bread/gel-ish food that’s a mix of flour and water. We’ve been very spoiled and lucky with how we’ve been treated. Really you just want everyone to be equal and have access to the same things. You especially think about the difference when you interact with students. Or think about money and health in general. It’s complicated… Until some restaurant owner named Paul claims to have changed his menu but actually keeps the same food and raises the price with every mzungu who enters. And then wants to take our picture to put on his wall or whatever at the end. That was strange.

Sidenote: We found this super cheap café named Momo recommended by locals. I also found a restaurant with the same name in Vancouver. I took pics of both and was super excited. I’ve been trying to teach Motie to say Momo too but it’s tough since she can’t even walk yet.


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