Week 1 – Babies Babies Babies

Aaaaah Week 1 is officially over! We’re all in a hotel in Fort Portal after a 40-minute car ride playing Contact and it is VERY beautiful and obviously catered to wealthy, foreign guests. It has a wi-fi room which us DukeEngagers took over for the majority of the evening. But actually we were there for so long checking Facebook it was slightly sad how much we suddenly decided we missed technology. Including me. But I did friend Stephen who guides us around Kaihura and Fort Portal, Prossy who takes care of household stuff and gave us delicious jackfruit, and Faith who founded Bringing Hope.


This week Faith also shared her personal story with us of how the Lord saved her mother from dying and inspired her to move back to her hometown after graduating college to start Hope Academy. She said quitting her job was one of the hardest decisions ever because she was heading back to poverty with no guarantee that anything would work out. But of course everything she has created today has only grown in size and devotion.

After discovering how far away the farm was from our house (about 4.5 miles), Dr. Schaad asked us to find alternative jobs until he can figure out transportation. As a result, I worked in the orphanage with Niara, Maggie, and Caroline. There are about 20 kids there ranging from <;1 yr old to 12 yr old. More come in the afternoon. I’m not sure why some older ones don’t go to school but they’ve been there all 3 days we’ve worked.

Having never babysat before in my life, this was a completely new experience. When I put my first baby to sleep without her crying I wanted to just jump up and down because it was so exciting! Babies pretty much make my day. There’s only 2 or 3 house mothers so we mostly play with kids, mop, and wash about a million dishes. But giving the children attention is the most important since the mothers are always so busy with chores. I’m also impressed with how much our pampered Duke selves hardly complain and constantly look for new ways to help out. Like Maggie and Niara dived straight in to scraping off grease from pots with their barehanded. That’s daring.

Some Children::
~ Motie Motie – baby girl, less than a year, umbilical chord hangs probably an inch from her tummy, loves to babble and stand (but can’t walk yet), cutest girl ever!
~ Paige – toddler girl, almost 3, they think has multiple sclerosis (has a limp and cant open right hand), doesn’t like sharing, loves me (not gonna lie)
~ Cawa – girl, 3 yr old, loves to lay across you and copy what Ronald and Alan do
~ Alan – boy, 7 yr old, broken arm, best friend is Ronald (same age)
~ Adolf – boy, 10?, can’t stand up straight because of scars on legs from his mom hitting him with a hot switch, speaks English well
~ Lillian and Precious: girls, 11 or 12, pretty, love to laugh at us when we do things wrong

Its easy to see that there are a couple sad stories here and there. Most are orphaned because their parents died from HIV but you’d never guess it. They act like such normal, easily entertained, loving, adorable children you just wanna stay with them forever. They’re super interesting and they really give me incentive to learn Torro but I only know emu, ibeeri, and issatu even though Rosemary, another girl, counted with me to like 50. Languages are hard.

Week 1 – Babies Babies Babies

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