Dubai, the French Vegas of the Middle East

Wow! Dubai is worth every one of the praises it has received over the years. The city is absolutely beautiful. The roads are lined with palm trees. Each building has its own unique architecture and almost all light up like Christmas trees at night. Zach says it reminds him a lot of Las Vegas and I agree.

After my plane landed, I met up with Natalie, Zach, Malena, and Emily in Dubai’s airport. It’s also pretty big, decorated with waterfalls and sparkling pillars supporting a high ceiling. There were also a fair number of prayer rooms. At 7 pm music began to play and I think it was a prayer song.

When everyone had arrived and we had checked into the Holiday Inn, we drove down to Dubai Mall in a taxi. I feel like I’ve used this word a lot so far but the mall was ENORMOUS! It had an ice rink, merry-go-round, an aquarium, and a fountain! We watched the fountain show spray water into the air in time to music and it was fantastic. The stores were very international with a lot of well-known brand names and the food court had about 30 vendors to choose from.

The people were also super interesting and most seemed to be tourists like us. There were many more women wearing the traditional Muslim dress with only the eyes showing than you would normally see in an American mall, but it was by no means the standard. Men and children on the other hand seemed more heterogeneous and some had on western clothing like t-shirts and jeans while others dressed traditionally. Mix of cultures I guess.

The best was the Burj Khalifa. It pretty much sparkles in the night, reminding me a lot of the Eiffel Tower except much, much taller. It’s sleek and pleasing to the eye. We took a picture in front of it with a fat horse. Next to us, an old French father was telling his son “Dit ‘bonjour’ au cheval.” And I understood him.


Dubai, the French Vegas of the Middle East

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