So as I get comfortable in my seat, I can’t believe how small my last plane was compared to how big this one is. 50 rows! And just like all of the flights I’ve taken to China are full of Chinese (and Japanese since we usually stop in Tokyo), this flight is filled with mostly Middle Easterners. The check-in lady even asked me if I was in the right line. x)

Today was pretty uneventful. After freaking out about packing, luggage between different airlines, and finding out the travel agent had sent me the wrong flight numbe and time last night, everything went pretty smoothly today. I guess I forgot how many babies there were in the world. They were all running around and they’re so fast! More than one were on leashes though and they looked so longingly after the free babies. It was sad. 😦

IAH is gigantic too! There are 5 different terminals and even though I had so much time here, I didn’t even make it to all of them! I did see a board, shopping stand and store dedicated to NASA and a statue of George Bush blowing in the wind. Sadly I didn’t get time to learn about them but I did get a phone call from a friend (thanks again Julian!). 🙂

Now we’re about to take off and this plane is VERY nice. The seats are colorful, they give you a little kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, wash towel, and eye mask. The little TV is super advanced and the back of the remote has a full keyboard and something that resembles gameboy controls. There’s even a USB port, I imagine to charge electronics! Needless to say, I’m happy.

I guess the worse thing that’s happened so far is that the old couple also in my row took my window seat. But they’re very old and therefore cute so it’s okay. I’m not 100% certain they speak English and the old man speaks sortof wheezy and very softly. It could be worse.

I guess I’m really leaving now. They’re playing the safety video in Arabic and I wish Meghan was here to translate. Good-bye! Next stop, Dubai!


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