(Sorta) First Post

I decided to forgive WordPress and start over. Believe me, it’s a little hard to start writing and even more intimidating thinking of something short and sweet to say but here goes::

It’s always funny seeing how people react when they ask me what I’m doing for the summer and I tell them I’m flying to Uganda. Admittedly the shock wears off a little after they find out the person next to me is going to Jordan and the student after that is off to Cambodia or Nicaragua or Belize… But still. I’m going to Africa. I’ll take it.

In case you didn’t know, the reason that there’ll be shortly more than 400 kids running off away from home to all of these great places in and out of the US to volunteer is through a program known as DukeEngage. Basically and since Melinda Gates is our loving alum, she donated a huge sum of money to the university to fund projects so students can work with NGO’s and do good for the community for two months over the summer. It’s pretty much unique to Duke and I absolutely love it for that.

It’s an important slogan.

Our group’s about 15 people and we’ll be working in Kaihura, Uganda with Bringing Hope to the Family (http://www.bringinghope.org/). We’ll be splitting up and working on four separate projects: the majority of us will be working in the orphanage/school and vocational school with education, others will be helping out in a clinic, and an engineering student will help out in construction and building. Two people including myself have volunteered to work on sustainable agriculture project which mostly involves working on farms, harvesting crops, and potentially devising a new irrigation system.

Neat, huh?

Oh, and one more thing. If you click on the link for the organization and watch the video about the orphan Moses, he’s exactly who my mentor will be adopting on the same trip. Just a little something else to brighten your day.

Moses! Whatta cutie.
(Sorta) First Post

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